Login Using: You can access our Wildcat! Intranet Software using one of the following methods:

Web Browser

Use your current Web Browser to login.

Start Wildcat! Navigator

Native GUI frontend client with instant messaging and chatting! If wcNavigator is not installed on your computer, the login will use the normal Wed Browser Client.

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Download wcNavigator Here!


Text Mode using your default TELNET application installed on your computer. This is text-based, console mode which is the same interface seen for Dialup clients.

Please note, the SSI Telnet server is on port 24.

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Santronics Software designs, develops, markets, and supports Internet-enabled customer management applications that permit enterprises worldwide to provide high-quality, personal customer service over the Internet.     Visit http://santronics.com for sales and product information.

Santronics's Wildcat! Interactive Net Server (WINSERVER)

WINSERVER is the world's  #1 leading Dialup Modem and Internet Hosting system.  The WINSERVER allows a company to create a private Intranet and Application Server for Dialup and/or Internet private services that is fully accessible by all popular Web Browsers or the Wildcat! Navigator. Through a combination of dynamic HTML screens and Windows client programs it adds interactive functionality, including the ability to post and reply to messages in customized conferences; to send and receive e-mail; to chat in real-time, either one-on-one or in groups; to search, view, upload and download files from customizable file libraries; to send instant pages to other users; to process questionnaires and more.

Feel free to try out Santronics Software's Wildcat! Interactive Net Server for yourself.

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